Our contribution to the America´s Cup is afloat!

The tuned up, remote controlled America's Cup yacht model is available now from stockmaritime! Learn to sail, train you race regulations, or just have fun: The AC-cupper of stockmaritime looks cool and sails well.

And they are small enough that tow of them, without having to be dismantled, can fit behind the front seats of a car. Ideally in the very practical transport bag.

Potential challengers with a small budget can now afford their own team, thanks to stockmaritime. The ready to sail, radio controlled cup yacht is only 612mm long and can be ordered with you own company´s logo on the hull and sails examples >>

The mast is 870 mm high and the draft an impressive 200 mm, enabling an impressive sailing performance (Video, mp4, 2,4MB >>). The high quality radio control enable rudder and sheets to be adjusted continuously. The fun can last up to three hours, thanks to modern batteries, before these have to be charged.

This also makes the miniature cup yacht the ideal boat for windless days in harbour. It will easily fit into any cockpit locker; mast keel and rudder can be fitted within minutes.

stockmaritime owner Hans Genthe, himself an active racing sailor and model yachtsman: "I sail these boats myself because it is just tremendous fun!" Your access to model boat racing is very easy. The high quality 2,4 Ghz controls are adjusted to respond to different channels, which makes it ideal for races with many boats. And should you not have these possibilities: With us you can simply rent wind and water (more>>)

The boats come in a sophisticated and safe transport box that includes everything that is necessary for sailing (excluding batteries) and the boats are pre-assembled ready for use. Even the remote control is already installed. Simply remove transport devices, step the mast, fit keel and rudder, adjust sails and rudder and off you are.

We are partners of Kiel Sailing City
stockmaritime is official partner of Kiel Sailing City. We support the project with specially equipped boats that are used in the camp24/sieben. Sailors and, above all, would-be sailors can gather first hand experience without the risk of getting wet - unless it rains.

The video to this boat: functions, sailing on river Elbe and on the northsea in front of Helgoland (!):

scope of delivery
(The configuration variies every modell, please regard our acticle-description in our online-shop/catalogue)
- abs hull
- profiled rudder and keel
- profiled sails, made of printed spinnaker clouth
- square top main, designed for the mast- curve, with carbon top batten
- alloy mast with 2 spreaders and diamonds
- rack
- 4 channel 2,4Ghz remote control
- sail servo
- rudder servo
- battery box for 4 AA batteries and switch

We are shipping to the whole world – to a lof of satisfied customers!
Good rates to USA and a lot of other countries – check out please – by contacing us:

length 610mm total height in rack 1140mm material hull ABS
width: 130mm mast heigth: 870mm material deck: ABS
overall weight: 1100 kg draught: 200mm material mast: Alloy
weight of hull: ca. 300g weight of keel: 450g rc-functions: 2
sail area: 0,225qm size packaging 370 x 210 x 1065mm weight packaging 3,3kg
The A60 is based on the kyosho fortune 612.

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On Sunday, 7th November 2004 the first historical match-race between
"GER 33 stockmaritime" and "USA 76 BMW Oracle"
took place in a small dinghy harbour in Hamburg.

The second German AC-cupper

Quicktime-Video, mp4 (Quicktime), 7,5MB Download >>
Quicktime-Video, mp4 (Quicktime), 9,6MB Download >>
Quicktime-Video, Mov (Quicktime), 58,9MB Download >>

 This model is made by Kyosho