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BATTERY POWER. Not only we were convinced by batteries and chargers from „Ansmann“: The German specialist for batteries ranks in the top spots in reviews by the specialised press. As the world’s first manufacturer, Ansmann offers an AA rechargeable battery with an incredible 2600mAh. Without memory effect und quickly rechargeable. With our well-priced 2400mAh battery, you can enjoy sailing your model for up to 6 hours. Besides the products that are available in our web store, you can order any other product by Ansmann.
Just contact us! If you buy one of our boats, we can make you an excellent offer for the batteries corresponding to your model.

Ideal Recharging = Extended durability

Of course you will like to charge the battery until it is completely and fully charged. The problem: If the battery is overcharged, the durability will decrease or the battery might even be severely damaged. As NiMH batteries have a specific mechanism to detect and avoid overcharging, the batteries will last a lot longer. Otherwise, the batteries would be defective way too early.

When using simple chargers, you will have to remove the batteries after a certain period of time (ca. 14 hrs). Oftentimes, these cheap chargers overcharge the batteries or do not charge them fully at all. Overcharging of just a few hours will not be of great damage due to the low charging rate.

Better chargers are able to detect the correct charging length for all batteries (e.g. in pairs of two). These devices are restricted to batteries of the same type and brand. In addition, they to be discharged in order to assimilate their status of charging. „Ansmann-Photo-Cam-Chargers“ belong to this category and are best used with Ansmann NiMh batteries.

High-end chargers monitor and determine the necessary charging length for each battery individually allowing for high charging rates and short periods of charging. The only disadvantage to these devices is their price. However, the costs will amortise rather quickly due to the economical and intelligent way of charging, increasing the durability of the batteries. Different types of batteries can be combined randomly (different brands, capacities, sizes, charging status). These chargers often possess an automatic discharging and refresh function

The presented chargers, “Digispeed Ultra and Energy 16”, both belong to the category of high-end chargers. With the frequently awarded and high performance charger “Digispeed 4 Ultra”, you will be able to charge a powerplant like that in less than one our! The “Energy 16” allows you to charge 12 AA batteries and five different types of batteries simultaneously. Feel free to read the reviews. They will convince you! Download PDF >>


Energy 16 Charger
High-tech charger for up to 16 NiCd/NiMH batteries
112,61 €* excl VAT
134,00 €* VAT included
delivery: no longer available

Ladegerät Panasonic eneloop inkl. 4 Stück Sanyo Eneloop AA NiMH 1,2V 2.000 mAh Akku
18,49 €* excl VAT
22,00 €* VAT included
delivery: available ex stock

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