Have you ever managed to turn a dream into reality? We have! It's exactly the kind of thing we do all the time. Needless to say we bring about such miracles to provide you with lasting happiness and joy, that is. We have drooled over many a beautiful vessel at various boat exhibitions or had to prevent ourselves from fondling a maritime classic inside a naval museum on a number of occasions. We won't even dare to mention the amount of times we had our noses firmly pressed to a store front too - always shivering at the thought of eventually having to put to water one of those beauties before us. A fine looking model boat must no longer be an item for the mantlepiece only. The new C-Class is not only a beauty of a boat in her own right, she also has been created precisely what such a boat is for - sailing!

Although the C-Class was largely inspired by the famed yacht "Columbia" or the 12m "Heti", we have slightly modified her lines to enhance her sailing capabilities as a model boat. 


This traditional model of a gaff cutter is a sea-worthy ship that was designed to be out in the open water. What's more, her comparitively low weight makes her a doddle to be carried around and she is suitable for being let loose in seawater. This new One Design class of a model boat leaves nothing to be desired.
Rigging and de-rigging this boat is child's play. The boat's interior is, just like that of our 3x1, shielded from water by our popular "Weck" cover, a Mason jar like lid that will keep the water from doing damage to your yacht's electronic components. Mast and bowsprit can be removed, making the boat easily fit your carboot for convenient transport.


Calling a C-Class your own is a statement of individual style and an expressive demonstration of your passion for the sea. The stockmaritime C-Class was inspired by classic yacht designs such as those of the Columbia or the Meteor. Mind you, visual inspiration is all there was as we have successfully optimised the hull by taking the smaller dimensions of a model yacht into account. After all, your boat is not only meant to look good on the mantlepiece, she's made for much more than this - your C-Class is a well thought through design that unfolds all of its beauty when being put to water. 

Relive your dreams by sailing this elegant lady without being troubled by the drawbacks of the originals it what inspired by.


A gaff rigged cutter still sails today, most of the time in the Baltic Sea: the 12er "Heti".

The club "Freunde der Segelyacht HETI e.V." (in english: friends of the sailing yacht HETI) makes it possible. Preseding is the club Philipp Schilling. The club helpes maintains this maritime heritage of the Hanseatic city Hamburg.
In coorparation with "Stiftung Hamburg Maritim" and the club "Jugend in Arbeit Hamburg e.V." they arrange for example education plans in the traditional boat building and the maintenance of the extraordinary Hamburgensie.

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