With this model boat we created the possibility to sail your own Volvo Ocean Race. The VO65 is extremely seagoing and salt water resistant. Carbon with Epoxy and vacuum technology stand for low weight and long lifetime. All ball bearing blocks are made of stainless steel.


Length of the waterline: 102 cm
Overall length: 112 cm
Width: 28,5 cm
Height in rack: 222 cm
Mast hight above deck: 171 cm
Draft: 38 cm
Weight: 3,75 kg
Keel weight: 1,6 kg
Sail area forsail ca. 2285 cm▓ (strong wind 1195 cm▓ ) 
Sail area main sail ca. 4860 cm▓ (strong wind 2380 cm▓ )
Sail area on a close reach: 7145 cm▓ (strong wind 3575 cm▓)


- jib/main (sailservo)
- rudders (servo)

- gennaker sheets (sail winch)
- gennaker furler (sail winch)

You can upgrade the Basic Version with the gennaker systems. We offer an upgrade service.


The gennaker furler is one of the most important parts of the whole gennaker system. If the furler fails, you can┤t go back on the tack. We spend a huge amount of prototypes in finding a simple and reliable fitting.
Now the luff consists of a massive, 3 mm diameter carbon stick. The swivel in the top and the furler at the bowsprit are glued at the luff, and they have saltwater resistant ball bearings! The gennaker is sticked to the luff. The gennaker is easy removable, just release the stay to the bowsprit and unwind the curler.
Simple, but absolutely reliable.


To make sure that the gennaker furling rope will work under all conditions, we used a simple system which is proven over years in the Flying Dutchman dinghy class. A high end ball bearing block, made of stainless steel, pulled by a elastic rope, prevents the rope from leaping of the sail winch drum. The rope is always under light tension.
Before hoisting the gennaker you are able to unwind the whole furling rope into the cockpit. In the moment, if you change your course to downwind, you need only a little gennaker sheet pulling - and the gennaker unfurls in a second or less, if he gets some wind.
On the other way the powerful sail winch furls the gennaker in 3 seconds - if you don┤t forget to release the sheet.