Direct adrenaline injection - Hightech Canting Keel Model for the VOLVO OCEAN RACE

The new Volvo Open 70 model. A real high-tech carbon racer with canting keel. The yachts of the VOLVO OCEAN RACE are considered as the most powerful monohull ocean racer of the world. With the help of the keel, which can be rotated to windward, and the extreme light and strong carbon hull these boats realise speeds of more than 30 knots. In our VO70 (Volvo Open 70) we picked these construction attributes. With the help of the VOLVO OCEAN RACE Management we have created model sailing boats, which are as powerful and speedy as the big ones - certainly downscaled to 1:20. Modern construction methods like CAD design, computer simulation, vacuum technology and jet cutting come into operation during development and production.

9 carbon Volvo Open 70 racers, built by stockmaritime, race in the stopover-harbours of the Volvo-Ocean-Race: Alicante, Cape Town, Cochin, Singapore, Qingdao, Rio de Janiero, Boston, Galway, Marstrand, Stockholm, St. Petersburg. Our first 9 boats will be used around the world – in the harbours – as attractions for the visitors. Therefore these boats are very robust and easy to maintain. The sail attributes are phenomenal – much, much fun with strong winds – no nosediving, but wild and fast gliding. This boat is optimised for model boat racing: much volume in the bow section - elegantly designed above the waterline - provides breathless downwind qualities. We put all our supermaxi project experiences in this construction.

We produce our VO70 "VOLVO OCEAN RACE Edition" (see. picture top right) with visible carbon and the deck painted in black. The boat bears proudly the official logo of the Volvo Ocean Race. You can buy it now!

The Volvo brand, Volvo Ocean Race, LIFE AT THE EXTREME und Volvo Open 70 Volvo brands are trademarks of the Volvo Trademark Holding AB, used under the license of GentCom.

The centerboard (certainly made of carbon) moves with half of the speed of the keel to leeward and remains nearly exactly vertical. Thus we could reduce the area of the centerboard for less water resistance. With the twin-rudders you can keep your course easily. We have optimised the rudder, centerboard and keel with modern CAD shipbuilding software. CNC milled moulds provide the high precision of the profile.
The 4000 mAh 7,4V LiPo baterry provides power for hours of fun. For maintainance the keel adjusting system is easily to remove; you just have to remove 3 screws and lift the construction. The keel compartment (wetbox) is separate from the boat sealed watertight. Keel and centerboard are fixed only with 4 screws, you can remove these parts without opening a knot. For adjusting the keel and centerboard after the maintainance you only have to tighten 4 dyneema-ropes via small cleats, which only takes a few minutes. The high quality RMG winch, imported from Australia, provides the necessary power and longtime stability under load – we tested 5 different winches, only the RMG winch passed the test.

The hatch to the canting keel mechanism and the RC components can be opened in seconds, without tools. Even with 90 degrees heeling the hatch construction disables water to come in, without an additional sealing needed. Only with high waves and very strong wind we recommend putting tape at the borders of the hatch. The bow is separated from the rest of the boat by a watertight carbon bulkhead. We construct the bulkheads with by using vacuum technology in 3mm carbon/sandwich. All high tech.

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D A T A - S H E E T
Scope of delivery
(The configuration variies every modell, please regard our acticle-description in our online-shop/catalogue)
- carbon hull
- 2 carbon rudders, centerboard and keel, laminated in CNC moulds
- profiled sails, made of printed spinnaker-clouth, glued, sewnt
- square top main, designed for the mast- curve, with carbon-battens und Mylar-reinforcements
- black anodised, separable aluminium mast with groove, 3 spreaders, jumpers
- standing/runinng rigging made of spectra, 1 pair of rod-shroutds
- carbon-jib-boom with topping lift
- ball-bearing-blocks for sheets and keel adjustment
- adjustable boomvang
- manual for the canting function of the keel
- fold-away rack incl. hull protecting straps
- 7 channel Computer-remote control (switching channels without crystals)
- intelligent and strong Australian RMG keel-winch
- powerful sail servo
- rudder servo
- trimm winch for the backstay adjustment
- LiPo-battery
- charger for Lipo-battery and transmitter
- waterproof switch in the hatch, easily operated from outside

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length: 1070mm total height in rack:
1970mm material (hull): Carbon sail aera main 38 qdm
width: 285mm mast height: 1400mm material (deck) Carbon sail aera jib 21,6 qdm
overall weight: 4,2 kg draught: 350mm material (mast): Aluminium
weight of hull: ca. 980g weight of keel: 2,1 kg rc-functions: 4
The Volvo Open 70 model is developed by We use composite materials and vacuum-technologie by CTM . Many thanks for the good technical support during the development.

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