Order your team boat!

You can have your own boat with an individual design!

  • Hull, underwater-body, keel and rudder in the colour of your choice
  • Hull sticker with your design or company logo
  • Sails with your design or company logo
We offer boats at reasonable prices including design, i.e. boat, sails, design and a correction step are all part of our offer.

How do you get to your individual design?
How do you get to your individual design? That is really simple! Send us your logo (preferably as a vector graphic), we then send you a JPEG-file for approval via e-mail. We offer you one correction step for free! After your written approval (normally via e-mail), we manufacture your boat. You can also send us a finished concept (we would be glad to supply you with a 1to1 EPS-file for your design). We will add the ?3DL?-structure, trim stripes and fortification. Of course we will also send you this concept for approval.

We kindly ask for your understanding that individual boats can only be manufactured in advance payment or a deposit of 100EUR.

Professional painting with Alexseal-paint: Our models can be ordered in 3 different types of paint:
  • 1. Painting with acrylic lacquer from a spray can
  • 2. bicoloured transition paintwork with acrylic lacquer and clear coat from a spray can
  • 3. painting with Alexseal-paint
  • 4. painting with Alexseal-paint metallic with Alexseal 'Brilliant' clear coat


Option Sichtcarbon statt Lackierung - Bestellbar als Upgrade zu jedem R46/TP52 Boot
Sichtcarbon statt schwarzem Lack! Bestellen Sie Ihre R46/TP52 in der edlen Sichtcarbon-Variante!

Dieses Produkt kann zu unseren R46/TP52 Produkten als Upgrade/Option hinzu bestellt werden. Wir liefern dann das bestellte Boot mit edlem Sichtcarbon-Epoxy-Rumpf statt einem lackierten Carbon-Epoxy-Rumpf. Diese Option gilt nur für den Rumpf, das Deck wird ausschließlich lackiert geliefert. Diese Option kann nicht für sog. B-Ware bestellt werden.
49,58 €* excl VAT
59,00 €* VAT included
delivery: no longer available

R46 individually designed Readyset with R/C 2,4 Ghz
This boat is an 65cm long replica of an Rogers 46. It complies with the classrules of the international RG65 Open Class. This modelboat have formidable sailpower in spite of it´s length. It is build completly in carbon/epoxy.

With sails and hull (hull above water)in your coporate design.
Underwater hull painted black, white painted deck.
839,50 €* excl VAT
999,00 €* VAT included
delivery: no longer available

* But are exclusive of shipping and handling cost and C.O.D charge (where required). We ship worldwide at competitive rates. Additional duty or import charges may apply depending on the delivery destination. Terms and conditions may be subject to change. All rights reserved.

Important information concerning the design:
Our premium, thin sail cloth can only be printed single-sidedly.
The logo shows through on the other side, is however softer and mirror-inverted! If light falls through the sail, there is no visible difference.

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