The VO-racer – A model, trimmable like a real regatta yacht

The design is based upon the "Volvo-Ocean-Racer" and is optimised for model sailing. Extremely authentic sailing characteristics, even in wavy conditions.
You can trim this model like a real, "big" regatta yacht. And the best thing about it: The twist of the main sail can be adjusted via the backstay while sailing, e.g. in gusts. At the same time, the foresail levels through the reduced forestay sag.

With high tech through hell - The winning boat of the "Volvo-Ocean-Race" in 2002

The "Volvo-Ocean-Race" belongs to the world’s hardest regattas. In 2002, a German yacht won this world-famous regatta for the first time. The winning yacht, namely the “Illbruck”, can be purchased as a model exclusively at stockmaritime! Have a look at the report in "Power & Action", download as a PDF (5,1MB) >>

Smashing design:
- hull, deck, rudder and keel painted in your colours
- hull sticker in your corporate design or logo
- in our cool "3DL" design, with your corporate logo

Professional painting with paint by Alexsealk : Our standard finished models are all painted white with premium paint by Alexseal

We have manufactured a VO-racer in the "ABN-Team" design – with their permission. With a rig in anodised black and four-colour paint. Have a look at the film on YouTube >>
The VO-racer is based upon the "Seawind" by Kyosho.

Here is our video of the VO60 model with heavy wind sails:

More High-Res Videos on our YouTube Channel >>

    D A T A S H E E T
    Scope of delivery
    (The configuration variies every modell, please regard our acticle-description in our online-shop/catalogue)
    - ABS oder carbon hull (visible carbon)
    - ABS or carbon- rudder and keel
    - profiled sails, made of printed spinnaker-clouth, glued, sewnt
    - square top main, designed for the mast- curve, with carbon-battens und Mylar-reinforcements
    - silver anodised, separable aluminium mast with groove, 3 spreaders, diamonds
    - standing/runinng rigging made of spectra
    - carbon-jib-boom with topping lift
    - fold-away rack incl. hull protecting straps
    - 2 or 3-channel fm remote control
    - powerful sail servo
    - rudder servo
    - optional: trimm winch for backstay adjustment
    - battery box for 4 AA batteries
    - switch

    length 998mm total height in rack 1870mm material hull ABS or carbon main sail area (VO-racer): 37,7 qdm
    width 226mm mast height 1400mm material deck ABS or carbon jib sail area (VO-racer): 21,6 qdm
    overall weight 3,0 kg draught 340mm material mast aluminium main sail area (Seawind): 23,1 qdm
    weight of hull: 500g weight of keel 1,65 kg rc-functions 2-3 foresail area (Seawind): 15,3 qdm
    The Volvo 60 model is based upon the seawind by kyosho and is tuned by We use composite materials and vacuum-technologie by CTM . Many thanks for the good technical support during the development.!

    Have a look at the fantastic twist of the main sail. By hauling in the backstay (via a remote control!) you can increase the twist to reduce heeling in gusts.

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    Here, you can see the deflection pulley for the backstay.

    From the original construction kit up to your individually designed model, incl. a 3-6-channel remote control, hull painting and backstay adjustment. Nearly anything is possible. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with advise. More information >>

    Our fleet is quickly growing!
    We have had outstandingly great feedback at our exhibitions in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Here, you can see seven boats from our latest production line.
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