The R46/TP52 is one of our best allrounder. The boat has forgiving sailing properties, is low maintenance and watertight. The ideal small boat for commercial use at company events or trade fairs. Compared to our AC60, the R46/TP52 may be a little pricer, but this initial cost amortizes itself when taking into account the boat's reliability or when considering how little time is needed for maintenance. A watertight switch ensures easy preparation and allows the hatch to be safely sealed without problems. 

We offer this ship with 4 variations:
- slim bow (light wind, flat water)
- full bow (heavy wind, waves)
- deckhouse high/slim (R46)
- deckhouse wide/flat (TP52)


The R46/TP52 was designed in compliance with international RG-65 Open regulations governing class rules and allows for officially competing in international races - by sailing the oldest model boat class in the world. Our R46 is not only extremely fast and light weight - it also has, just like the Rogers 46 "Guts'n Glory" it was modelled on, outstanding sailing properties (during Sydney to Hobart in 2007, one of those Rogers 46 did more than 30 knots). 

Not quite as fast but also at an impressive speed in model boat terms, our R46 will ride those waves and remain dry on the inside. Reason being a lightweight construction of carbon fibre reinforced expoxy using the latest in vacuum technolgy. Basically, we use carbon wherever possible. For those wanting to participate in an international race we offer a RG65 racing edition of this boat. It features a longer keel and has a taller mast.

storm approved

We are testing our boat in extreme conditions - more than all other manufactures we know.


Die technischen Daten:
Länge:650 mm Gesamthöhe im Ständer :1400 mm Material Rumpf:Carbon
Länge Wasserlinie:650 mm Breite:140 mm Masthöhe über Deck:920 mm
Material Deck:Carbon Gesamtgewicht:1 Tiefgang:240 mm
Material Mast:Carbon Rumpfgewicht:0,25 Gewicht Kiel:580
RC-Funktionen:2 Zuverläsigkeit:1 Einsatzbereich:Meer
Herkunftsland:GER Vorfertigungsgrad:segelklar Maße Verpackung:
Gewicht Verpackung: Speed:2