Open60 - Maintenance and Sealing

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Dear customers and prospective Open60 skippers, please note the following, if you'd like get the most of your Open60 and make it last.

Sailing your Open60 is no child's play and it is definitely no toy either - with proper care and handling it will provide years of fun, just like
a real boat. As with real boats, there are a number of things to keep in mind and take care of before putting your model boat in the water.

Before launching your Open60 into the water, please make sure that the rear hatch is sealed thoroughly by using a sealing compound and masking tape.
In order to provide easy access to your Open60's electronic components, we have increased the size of this hatch. So, this is the opening most likely to collect water if negelected.

Once your boat's electronic parts have been fitted, adjusted or tuned, you may close this hatch more or less permanently. The battery contained within the hull may be charged with a specific charger that allows charging while the hatch is shut. This charger is available from our online store. If a small amount of water has found its way into the hull in spite of all precautions, then don't despair. This water will evaporate via the front hatch, as long as you remember to keep it open after you have finished using your boat.

For proper hatch sealing we recommend shaping a small tube of the sealing compound by rolling it between your palms (image 1). Use this to fill the notch that surrounds the hatch opening (image 2), before pushing down the hatch to completely seal your Open60. Please note, the sealing compound will have greater flexibility at room temperature.

Both hatches ought to be additonally sealed with clear masking tape (image 5). Before applying the tape, the surface will need to be clean, completely dry and free from dust or grease (image 6).

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