Carbon manufacture

Light weight, sturdy and rather good looking - carbon fibres are wonderous things. More often than not, these fibres are used as design features
- with their sheen resembling mother of perl, depending on the angle of light falling on to them. Let us know what design ideas you have in mind
and, if you lack the means to realize them yourself, we'll certainly be able to set you up with the right partner..


- carbon composites with foam or honeycomb core
- boat model hulls with visible carbon fibres
- table tops and furniture mad from carbon
- light weight cases for transportation
- custom made carbon yacht fittings


- prototype making
- model manufacturing
- mold manufacturing
- all kinds of repairs

We've been putting great emphasis on visible carbon right from the beginning. The challenge when working with this material is
errors in layout during production that become apparent in the final structure. We can now look back upon more than 25 years
of experience with this material, when in 1987, the first deck for a Flying Dutchman was made of honeycomb carbon.

Many a rudder and daggerboard followed. Even the overnight repair of broken Flying Dutchman mast during Kieler Woche did
not deter us from crossing the finish line second place. A DK46 carbon made spinnaker boom that broke apart while sailing in
2007 or the ailing rope mounting suspension of a Rogers 46 are still in use at stockmaritime today.