IRC 88 – Professional technique for a small price

With the length of 880 mm and a supreme technology, the IRC88 yacht does not need to fear any comparison to boats of similar size. The sailing winch and the trimming technology are outstanding for a boat in this price range! And our tuning version even looks great, doesn’t it? Of course this boat is also available in your individual design. Our IRC88 is based on the Sirius by Robbe, though we optimized it in many ways:

  • In contrast to the basic version the mast and sails can be easily unrigged for transport
  • The sheets are adjustable
  • The mast just looks better with two crosstrees
  • Our sails are profiled, made of spinnaker cloth with elaborate designs
  • The mainsail has a larger surface area for a better performance in light winds
  • The boat design is thanks to the deck and hull stickers a lot more realistic
  • Our version is completely preassembled and tested

To construct a model boat that is completely watertight is always a big challenge. With double sealing the opening, this problem was cleverly solved for the IRC88. The neat looking cabin roof protects from spray water and is easy to remove thanks to Velcro fasteners. The oval inner lid prevents the penetration of the remaining water almost perfectly. Still the technique beneath is easy to reach and mounted high above the bilge, the bottom of the hull so that water, which eventually did find a way inside the boat does not immediately damage the servo. All components have their particular and safe space inside the hull. A further refinement is the winch reel with integrated circulation-sheet-tension spring.

Visually not necessarily a highlight but technically an absolute treat is the mast step with integrated boom pusher. The “big” IRC racer use hydraulic pumps at the bottom of the mast to apply several tons of pressure to the rig. Here we a mounted a perfectly adjustable setscrew in the mast step with which you can give a great amount of tension onto the fine stainless steel shrouds and rods. The leech tension of the main sail is also adjustable with a thread screw. Even in winter with cold hands everything can be adjusted without any hassle. And the metal fitting is stainless! At the bow a role for the sail winch- circulation line is attached. Because of that all sheet ropes run above the deck and can hardly become entangled. And if they do, this is easily fixed.
In the carefully and securely packed boat are all necessary accessories for sailing included (excluding batteries). The boat is preassembled and ready to sail. Even the remote control is already implemented.

Videos of the IRC88 (and many more) in High-Res at our Youtube Channel >>
D a t a s h e e t:
Scope of delivery:
(The configuration variies every modell, please regard our acticle-description in our online-shop/catalogue)
  • ABS-Hull
  • Profiled helm and keel
  • Profiled sail made of printed spinnaker cloth, glued (optional: jib sewn at the luff)
  • Strong flared main sail, exactly cut for the mast curve, 3 stripes with the top sail batten made of carbon
  • Mast made of aluminum, 2 crosstrees (optional: mast made of carbon with standing and running rigging made of spectra)
  • Spray water tight opening by double sealing
  • Wooden foldable rack with hull-gentle straps

  • 2 channel 27 MHZ FM remote control with possibility to change the crystals
  • Sail winch with winch reel with integrated sheet tension spring
  • Helm servo
  • Battery box for 4 AA batteries
  • Switch
  • Instructions for mounting and operating

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Length: 884mm Total height in rack:
1640mm Material hull: abs-plastic
Width: 205mm Height mast over deck: mm Material Deck abs-plastic
Total weight: ca. 2,32kg Draught: 200mm Material Mast: Aluminium
Weight of hull Weight keel: ca. 1200g Rc-functions: 2
Measures of packaging: 270 x 155 x 1130 mm Scale: 1:15