110 (c)m fast luxury motor yacht

The BV110 is a model true to the original new developed Blohm + Voss 110m Yacht. In close collaboration with Blohm + Voss we have rescaled the original of 110m down to 110cm.

110,000 horse powers and 4 water jets speed up the original boat up to more than 40 knots. The small model reaches more than 40 km/h, having 4 water jets as the original and 3 more horse powers. Thus the power-to-weight ratio of the model is more efficient than that of most super sports cars.
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The yacht has been created by the design team of Blohm + Voss and demonstrates the non plus ultra in mega yacht building regarding technology and design. In cooperation with the Blohm + Voss design team, we have redesigned the underwater hull to fit the model boat building requirements, since the model scale requires other standards. For the original there is no need to glide, even at a speed of 40 knots. But the model has to be flying above the water - preferably controlled. This requires other - but still elegant - lines.

Video: presentation of the model yacht at Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2010:
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The "big" yacht Blohm + Voss BV 110
  • length: 110.0m (360 ft)
  • max. beam: 20.1m (66ft)
  • max. speed: + 40.0 kn
  • 2x 9100 kW (main engines) coupled with water jets
  • 2x 32000 kW (gas turbines) coupled with water jets

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