The 3x1 - Fast and reliable budget sailing – Made in Germany

Our sleek 3x1 One Design Racer is far more than just a visual highlight and doesn't need to hide behind any proper modern racer when it comes to elegant appearance. The slight bend at the rear of its hull design and the extended bowsprit in combination with its staggering overall length of 111 cm definitely make this boat an eye-catcher.

The boat's highly sophisticated electronics couldn't be any easier to handle. All fittings are furthermore made from stainless steel and our newly devised dual-hatch system shields the delicate high-tech interior of the 3x1 from the splashes of a race. Water inside your model boat is now finally a thing of the past.

The 3x1 is manufactured by hand in Hamburg and made entirely from epoxy based carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Naturally, mast and boom are carbon reinforced too. The rig is void of cross trees and backstay spreaders. Our 3x1 is equipped with two rotary actuators - one for sailing and a second one for controlling the position of the rudder. Both of these servos are remote controlled by a 2.4 Ghz radio system that allows for interruption free sailing.

We have developed the 3x1 with a view to making a large, easy to handle, speedy yacht with state-of-the-art technology at a reasonable price. The cost of a ready to sail no-frills model including rig, sails, servos and remote control is set at a moderate 800 Euros. Such low price becomes feasible due to clever designs, such as a separable carbon fibre mast without cross trees or backstay spreaders and a well proven system of optionally expanding your basic set from our large selection of add-ons.

The 3x1 One Design is a sweet tempered easy to sail and highly reliable model boat from our manufactory in Hamburg. Strong winds and heavy swell pose no problem to the steering abilities of this yacht. We have extensively tested this boat in the salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean in La Rochelle and the surf of the Baltic Sea near Anholt in Sweden. Have a look at our videos and see for yourself. By the way, the bowsprit can withstand a head on collision with concrete jetty.

The boat does not come pre-reefed and can make the most of even the slightest breeze. If offshore sailing is what you prefer, then we recommend the additional purchase of a set of strong wind sails.

Smooth sailing: One Design Class

The 3x1 has been devised a one design boat. Every year we organise two races ourselves and have not only published a set of sailing class regulations but also award sail numbers. This fleet is growing quickly, due to the 3x1 being a major success with more than a hundred boats sold already.

Quite possibly the world's best model boat series? Have a look at the facts and make up your own mind!

Here are the hard facts we have gathered while putting the 3x1 to the test at Lake Garda, on the Atlantic shores of La Rochelle, in the waters of the Baltic Sea and at home on the river Elbe.

- up to a maximum of 16 hours of sailing on a fully charged set of batteries (at temperatures above 15 degrees)
- transmitter will last up to 12 hours with a fresh set of eight AA size batteries

- the boat is easily assembled within minutes
- capable of catching the slightest breeze - making it fun to sail, even when there's little wind only
- no nose-diving, but excellent sliding abilities instead
- continous gliding even in downwind conditions with the appropriate set of sails
- PLEASE NOTE: Only use the appropriate sails according to respective wind speeds (see trim advice).

- even if your 3x1 capsizes, you'll never have more than a wee splash of water inside the hull (about the amount of moisture a single Kleenex can soak up)
- our GER33 trial model capsized a couple of times in the surf of Anholt beach and came out unscathed. See photos (Try at your own risk though!)
- you won't have to rush for a rescue swim in wind speeds of between 0 and 7 Beaufort.
- no damage, to neither hull nor RC-system, even after more than a hundred spectators have sailed this model
- there were no signs of damage after colliding head on with a speedboat and a six feet drop on water

Making a fine figure
- during our tests the boat was chased by photographers and television cameras
- more than 100 spectators followed the trial runs on a jetty during the exhibition in La Rochelle

Configuration details of the 3x1 One Design Racer:
- mast and sails are detachable for easy transport
- adjustable sheets
- carbon fiber mast without spreaders and backstay spreader (from two pieces)
- sails made from spinnaker cloth
- hull and deck handmade from carbon fiber reinforced polymer
- quality rotary actuators
- modern 2,4 GHz R/C system

Optional accessories:
- batterie pack with up to 4.500 mAh power
- medium wind, heavy wind or storm sails
- batteries (transmitter) and power chargers
- comfortable transport bag

More pictures of the 3x1 One Design Racer

A fantastic piece of sports equipment - the 3x1 - See for yourself:



Included are:
- carbon fibre reinforced hull and deck (mounted) handmade from expoxy
- profiled rudder and keel, secured by a stainless steel knurled nut
- sails made from spinnaker cloth
- carbon fibre batten in the big headed main sail
- mast from two pieces

- double-hatch-system for protecting the boat's interior electronic components
- wooden stand

- 6-channel 2,4 GHz system
- powerful rotary actuator for sailing
- actuator for steering the rudder with metal gears
- room for a 6V battery pack consisting of sub-C cells and up to 4.500 mAh
- switch

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Length: 125cm Total height in rack:
ca. 215cm Material hull/: carbonfiber-epoxy
Lenght water line 111cm Lenght of mast above deck: 170cm Material deck carbonfiber-epoxy
Width: 23cm drought: 35cm Material Mast: carbonfiber
Hull weight incl. RC: ca. 900g weight keel: 1.600g RC-Functions: 2
Weight complete: ca. 3 kg size of packaging: ca. 135x30x30 cm    

Unpacking, assembling, ready to sail in less than 5 minutes!

3x1 in extreme wind conditions from 0 to 7 Beaufort

Maiden voyage on Lake Garda and sailing in La Rochelle:

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