Maritime Team-Trainings and Incentives

We gladly design for you concepts for unforgettable und successful Team Trainings and incentives. On the sea or at the cost. Where ever you want.
For realising such events, we have a great pool of charter yachts and boats and some own boats, like our Asso99. We have also a pool of rental eventtechnique.

Equal, if you want to build a team from five individualists with an common adventure on our Racing-Yacht Asso99 or if you want to provide your best customers more than your service, the stockmaritime eventcrew offers you all that.
We provide you from consulting, organising and realising a complete service.

Here some example services:
  • Experience and adventure concept development: from cruise sailing trips to real regatta races, from offshore sailing to a barbecue at the coast or the beach.
  • Hospitality Services: travelorganisation, guest and participant management - not only at the training or incentive.
  • Yacht- and Boat charter: Sailingyachts, Dinghys and Motorboats (also offshore-boats, e.g. a Clubman 26ft. with 400 HP)
  • Booking of qualified personal and crew, skippers with experience and trainers.
  • VIP Services like Limousine-Service, Helicopter-Service,private Jet-Service and much more. We offer that with our partner TMI World.
  • Team-Training-Concepts.
  • Booking of speakers and presenters.
  • Catering: food and beverage.
  • A lot more services.

    We realise more than sailing trips! We realise unforgettable experiences!
    Are you interested? Call us! + 49 40 - 86 66 27 14

    Maritime planning support for a successful event

    We have many years of experience in sailing sports and you can have a benefit therefrom. We support you in planning sailing sport events. We help you to eleminate imponderables, especially at events depending on the weather. We support you in realising an sailing event on schedule.

    To really turn your event into a memorable success!

    We would be pleased to answer to all your questions, e.g.
    • How long should I plan my sailing trip?
    • In which estuary should we sail?
    • What kind of food should I offer to guests?
    • What am I supposed to do if I or my guests get seasick?
    • How does a regatta work and how does it take place?
    • Which boats should I choose for my target group?
    • What kind of assistance do I need for the realization of my regatta?
    • How much does a regatta cost per day?
    • What am I supposed to do in bad weather?
    • Where can i charter a yacht?

    Regatta-Examples, idea and concept made by stockmaritime:

  • Die Letzten Helden ("The Last Heroes" - every November) - Blankeneser Segel Club (Report (in german >>)
  • Frozen Trousers - yachting school Helgoland
  • Störtebekers Revanche - yachting school Helgoland