Yacht Design - Advertising on hulls and sails

Wanted individuality?

You want to have an nonstandard design on your yacht? We'll make you  happy to design, calculate the cost of production and organize /  oversee the production. We know the actual printing and coating  technology and work with experienced partners.

Sponsor found? Become a sponsor?

Our experienced commercial graphic designer and transferred the  corporate design and advertising of your sponsorship on your boat,  sails and clothing. And so that the draft can be easily implemented. More than 12 years design experience for customers such as Sharp  Elektronics, Deutsche Bank, telecom, etc. We have a competent and  sympathetic point of contact for your marketing manager or agency  will leave.

Perfect match before the implementation

Thanks to our calibrated printing, we can design your new color  present. For special paints and specialty coatings (eg metallic  colors), we have an archive of color and color samples. The designs created for you are usually already created so that they  will contribute to continued use for brochures, posters or even as a  basis for three-dimensional animations in videos are suitable.

Competent partner

Thanks to our many years of experience in the boat market, we know  where we can realize the task. Particularly through the close  partnership with the German Lackhersteller Mankiewicz unusual ideas,  we can realize. Based on the experience of coatings for the aircraft  industry has Mankiewicz a series of paint for the boat developed  under the brand name Alexseal be offered. Together with Mankiewicz,  we can specifically unusual ideas for special colors, metallic paints  and coatings realize shine.

More information can be found unter www.alexseal.com.