model yacht 3x1 One Design Racer Basic SP "Design FARR280 4sale"

The new entry in the 3x1 one design class. Itīs an handmade Glas/Epoxy Yacht with carbon reinforcements. The boat is coated in white. Inside you can see the high quality work.

The boatīs design is based on the FARR280 "4sale".

Scope of deliefery:
- ready to sail epoxy yacht with stockmaritime hull sticker
- light wind sails with stockmaritime design
- tapered carbon mast and booms
- rudder-/keel made of epoxy/carbon
- seawater resistant fittings
- ball bearimg blocks
- very strong sail servo and rudder servo, JR plugs
- on/off switch
- rack

also available with red hatch, keel and rudder (1.299 EUR)

Art.Nr.: 3x1basp
Preis: 1199.00 EUR*
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* Preise inkl. 19% MwSt.