J-Class "Cool Black" ALEXSEAL Edition

The J-Class is new designed, but based on experiences with the C-Class. The bow is 6cm longer, and the rigg is a classic bermuda rigg. But this yacht is fitted with a huge genua, which is controlled with a sailwinch. The sheeting system is based on the technic we are using for the VOLVO OCEAN 65 - well approved.
Hatches, teak deck, colors can be choosen individual - same like the C-Class.

We have done a lot of improvement in 2016: Mast back. Main hatch relocated and new, round cockpit design. More buoyancy in the stern section. Weight backwards. New teak deck design.

C-Class basic model ready to sail:
- teak deck, wood hatches (all genuine wood)
- hull black coated
- white water line, coated
- golden decoration line
- grey under water ship
- complete boat coated with two layers of clear coat
- tapered and dividable mast with 5 spreaders
- main and genua
- all fittings made from stainless steel
- sailwinch and rudder servo mounted
- on/off switch

- transmitter and receiver
- battery
- backstay adjustment, radio controlled
- boom vang radio controlled
- main sheet seperately controlled
- position light with led radio controlled
- genuine teak rack

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