ACC110 Amerika´s Cup Yacht Carbon display model "Shosholoza"

The true to original and remote controled reproduction of the America´s Cup class . Completed with 4 spreader mast with keep and molded sails with carbon fibre sailbattens. Hull and deck is made from fibre glas with carbon fibre stringers.

Hull is already painted in white with Alexseal-varnish by an professional industrial painter. (other colours available with surcharge )

The boat is completed with molded sails in Skosholoza 3DL-Design, adjustable 4 spreader mast, carbon fibre genoaboom and topping lift.
The sheets and stays are from spectra, most of the fittings are stainless steel. Many small details and the fond print of the deck are constructed and located with very exact reference to the original boat.

length: 1100mm, height: 2000mm

The boat can be updated with radio control and deep keel/rudder for sailing.

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