Volvo Ocean 65 VOLVO OCEAN RACE design with gennaker system

World premiere: The Volvo Ocean 65 with gennaker! Up-and downfurling and tacking is now possible on a scale of 1:20. A whale of a time broad reach and incredible breathtaking in view.
Available in official Volvo Ocean Race design. Hull
The hull is made of visible carbon, VCCP clear coated. Deck is coated in white.
Model boat, ready to sail, without transmitter/receiver.

- carbon-epoxy hull
- gennaker-system
- lightwind-sails (Jib and main)
- lightwind - gennaker
- powerfull sail servo
-1 rudder servo with metal gear
- two sail winches with electronic overload protection
- carbon epoxy keel
- 2 carbon epoxy rudder, flow-optimized
- carbon mast and booms
- spectra sheets
- wooden rack

Hull and deck are made of carbon-epoxy. The deck is white -coated, the keel in black and both rudders in orange. Mast and boomy are also made carbon. For easier transport the mast can be seperated in the middle, so the boat is easy to handle. The mast has no spreaders and no backstay strut. All staying and running rigging is made of spectra with high rupture load. Our sails are made of special spinnaker-cloth and are of quite rugged design.

Included in delivery are following accessories:
- RC Systen Cockpit SX - Quality of German production
- 6V storage battery with 4.500mAh performance
- heavy wind sails + gennaker
- charger
- bag
- sail bag

Further accessories :
- storm sail
- medium wind sail

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